Two Non-Gamers Reaxxion to GTA V


I am pleased to announce that Reaxxion is having a clear influence on the world. There is no doubt about it and I am going to tell you about one example. As a fan of Roosh’s other site Return of Kings, I took a look at Reaxxion even though I’m not usually a computer game buyer. I happened upon the article called Australian SJW’s Lied To Get GTA V Pulled Off Store Shelves. It was annoying to learn that Target is playing games with its products in my country, so after reading that, I went to an open-minded shop to buy a Play Station 4 and GTA V.

It would be nice to claim that the purchase was some kind of political statement against being bent on one knee in the home of the slave. In reality, the purchase was motivated by curiosity to try out running over pedestrians, stealing their money, shooting passers by, and just generally creating mayhem.

So how do a father and son who aren’t up with computer games react to GTA V? You are about to find out.

The Father (me)

1. This game is just amazing

Thinking back to playing the first coin-operated Space Invaders game as a child, GTA V is something of an advance. The graphics are so good and so wide-ranging that it’s hard to believe someone drew them all. The concept of artificial intelligence suddenly seems a real prospect when seeing pedestrians, drivers and police in a computer game all behaving rather like the real thing. How is all this even possible?

2. It might be harder to drive safely now

For a man who constantly agonises over ways to slightly reduce the risk of motor accidents, driving in GTA V is certainly a liberating experience. While playing, just the idea of waiting in traffic seems absurd when blind overtaking or smashing another car aside me are options. As for hitting pedestrians, the more the merrier. One has to wonder how well the brain can keep switching between the two approaches without getting them mixed up. Hopefully it can manage.

3. Quality computer games are good for adults

Most men stop learning and exploring new things when they enter the full time workforce. That’s one of the important reasons for the general decline in mental ability that comes with age. Good quality computer games, changed often, are one way for a man to keep his mind working on new problems and new situations. It’s a way to keep the mind young.


The Son

1. Little children love games

No sooner did the game get going than my 26 month old son was jockeying to take over the controls. He can already run around punching innocent bystanders and has experienced the consequences. The game does have rather a lot of unpleasant language and it was a bit worrying to hear him shouting “Sit” after being hit by a car. His first curse was taught to him by a computer game.

2. Quality computer games are good for children

At first glance his picking up a bit of gutter speech seems terrible, but it’s not the only thing he’s learning. By playing this game he will get some idea of what it is like to drive a car, fly a plane, and just make his own way in a city long before he could attempt these things in the real world. Surely all this is a sign of accelerated learning and other good things happening.

……I wonder if my plane can hit a pedestrian without crashing?

The game world is clearly enormous and detailed. Opportunities to try things out might as well be endless. Did you ever wonder what it would be like to drive a large truck the wrong way down a highway? Jump a motorbike off a skyscraper and land in the ocean? Or just rob a shop at gun point? This is about as close as my son is going to get to finding out, I hope so anyway.

As for Target, we are eternally grateful for your efforts to tell us what to do, what to like and what to buy. As a special show of respect, we will try not to burden you by entering your store with our loud, uncouth ways and unfashionable ideas. I’m sure everyone will be happier that way.

Published as a guest post on Reaxxion


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