10 Things Men Should Never Try


Looked at from a conventional perspective life is a tough, competitive struggle. In areas where everyone is engaged and fighting hard the bar is often set impressively high. There can be great rewards but a man will be up against the best, and there are some amazing people out there. The worlds of work, sports, business, investment and sex are inhabited by hordes of steely eyed men who will take everything and won’t give an inch.

Other areas offer opportunities for gathering low hanging fruit. Frequently the majority show little interest or success is about individual action rather than direct competition. It makes no sense to attempt to make the hard gains while easy advances remain available. Simply avoiding things which hold a man back, sap his resources or otherwise lead him away from personal advance is an easy gain in life. This article offers a list of things that make no sense when the costs and benefits are considered.

In the interests of full disclosure the author does not claim to have avoided all these things in the past, does claim to avoid them all in the present and hopes to avoid them all in the future.

1. Sex reassignment

A man has the fixed sexual function of providing sperm. A girl has the fixed sexual function of providing eggs and carrying the baby. When someone pretends they can change sexual function it ends badly.

2. Prostitutes


A prostitute takes a man’s strength, then his money but gives nothing in return. The addicted may lose the motivation to seek more satisfying inlets.

3. Gambling

Was there ever a worse way to spend time than to throw out money knowing that less can be expected to return. There are no legal exceptions.

4. Pornography

Screens, paper and rubber dollies can never substitute for the real thing. Girls fill the world. Take up the challenge and get some.

5. Self mutilation

A man’s body is his only tool. It makes no sense to drill holes in it or deface it with pictures. All bodies age, decay and die, but why accelerate the process?

6. Jail


They say crime doesn’t pay and it’s true. Few things kill a man’s opportunities like going to jail. More than two percent of US adult males are in jail, don’t join them.

7. Homosexuality

Desfile del orgullo gay en Madrid, 2013.

Some men are apparently tempted to perform homosexual acts. A man who does endangers his health, fertility and mental well being. Every man has the power of choice. Make the smart choice.

8. Recreational drugs


Human bodies use a system of internal rewards and punishments to encourage functional behavior and discourage dysfunctional behavior. One way to avoid this distinction is to use chemical means to simulate only positive feedback. To do so destroys that connection and removes the internal incentives for functional behavior. Disaster follows.

9. Consumer credit

Many men spend fifty years paying interest so they could make a few purchases one year earlier. Add up the costs and weep.

10. Smoking and drinking

Day by day the damage to health, wealth and well being add up. It’s a slow process that some smokers and drinkers will never experience due to an early death.

Life is precious, don’t waste it

All ten together represent a substantial fraction of the effort and resources available to the world. A man who avoids them will be streets ahead of men who don’t. Abstaining from the start requires no skill, talent, effort or expense. Many of the truly miserable people of the world are in that state because they tried one of these things then couldn’t stop.

Every man has a certain stock of life in the form of time, money, health, brains, opportunity, motivation and effort. He deploys it in the way he thinks best and lives with the results, good or bad. Don’t waste life on things which offer only regrets.

Published as a guest post on Return of Kings here


3 thoughts on “10 Things Men Should Never Try

  1. I’m mostly with you on that list. My main disagreement is with the whole sexual preference/transgender thing. Many people have made the objection to this article that sexual preference is not subject to choice, but I don’t accept that claim. It’s one of those supposedly factual claims that people with an agenda have managed to press onto the general population with little or no evidence. Just pure repetition.

    I consider it to be a little bit like food. Some people, including me, prefer chocolate to pretty much everything. That doesn’t mean I’m somehow obliged to follow my preference by eating it. Rejecting it, or at least moderating consumption, because it is not in my overall interest is just smart decisions making. It is not somehow wrong or inauthentic to go against my appetite in that case.

    Degenerate sexual practices are the same, even if I felt the desire for them I would simply make the clean, healthy, smart and rational choice.


    • I honestly don’t think it matters to be fair. I think there is some scientific evidence that supports the view that homosexuality or transgenderism is hardwired, though I’m not sure how strong the evidence at least for the former is and know a lot of the establishment has been pressurized by the LGBT lobby groups. Even the APA, last time I checked, admitted that a lot of the evidence it has for being opposed to conversion therapies is anecdotal, not from experiment.

      What matters as far as I am concerned with sexuality is the act of same-sex intercourse, which as a Christian I understand the Bible tell me is wrong, and such behaviour is part of the descent of man into sinful practices. And I agree with you insofar as it’s a choice to actually engage in that intercourse. I have no problem with it being somehow beyond choice because the Bible also suggests we (all) have a sinful nature; we are naturally inclined to do wrong, and clearly not everyone is inclined to do the same sort of wrong. (Of course if you are a confirmed atheist then not much of this part is going to be of much relevance to you or be terribly convincing.)

      And of course when it comes to male homosexual practice, we can see there are perceived drawbacks, not only in terms of inability to father kids but for health reasons (the backside is not a terribly hygienic place to be sticking your member into, for example).

      Ultimately, if people really do have a tendency to do this sort of behaviour, then it can hardly be easy for them to do more than avoid those urges, not to engage willingly in heterosexual relationships which end in procreation. Personally I don’t see that as the be-all-and-end-all of being a man, so I don’t see any need for me to encourage it. A few people not passing on their genes to the next generation will not harm the overall survival of the human race.


  2. 1. Well, if you assume that personal success is synonymous with reproduction, true. If the whole gender dysphoria thing does turn out to be hardwired then I suppose it provides the marginal benefit of making people feel better about themselves, but if it’s pathological, then not. (Personally my issue with it is one of honesty- you are pretending you are something you are not quite. Just because one feel is like they oght to be he opposite sex, does not objectively make them 100% that.) Really, though, this won’t affect over 90% of men.

    2. True, though no worse than people who try to engage in recreational sex for its own sake anyway. I assume you are not one of those men judging by the general tone of the blog.

    3. Very, very true (unless you’re extremely lucky).

    4. And I understand it reduces a man’s appetite for the real thing.

    5. I suppose that depends on the risk. Really the problem is a lot of expense for something you can’t easily reverse and may decrease your chances of getting a decent job.

    6. True, though this is pretty much the same thing as “never try jumping off a cliff”. Who wants to go to prison?

    7. Like with the transgender thing, it won’t affect most (straight) men anyway. To those who are completely gay and claim they have no choice about their actual attraction, well their choice is probably limited to having sex vs. not. (This assumes such claims are true). This only makes sense to bi men.

    8. True. There is also the legal dimension, which might tie in with 6.

    9. True, and you could also add to that “don’t make useless purchases you don’t really need or want”. Without recourse to credit, I’ve made plenty of these and it’s often a big reason people get into too much debt, probably.

    10. Drinking in strict moderation is something of a stress reliever and not entirely without enjoyment; drinking wine in moderation may also provide some health benefits. But these benefits do not mean that you will be worse off not drinking alcohol. Smoking I can’t see provides any such benefits at all and certainly ought to be avoided.

    I suppose one could add wasting one’s entire life on the internet, something I engage in frequently…


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