5 Glimpses Into Our Dark Future


Much can change in a generation. If the people of 30 years ago had been shown the state of sexual roles and relations today they would not have believed their eyes.

Some people observing these trends understandably conclude that it can’t continue and that the present represents a high water mark for the movements in favor of sexual dysfunction. Such people are fooling themselves. All signs are that the destruction of healthy sex roles and practices is not reversing but accelerating.

So sit back, relax and enjoy this presentation of 5 Glimpses Into The Future Of Sexual Relations, from the year 2044.

Waco, Texas, US: Another tense day as FBI agents lay siege to a remote compound held by die hard heterosexual extremists. The standoff began after diversity inspectors found home schooling lesson plans did not give equal space to each of the 5 genders recognized in the state curriculum. “How sad that some parents deny their children the full blossoming of gender identity and exploration.”, said an unnamed agent.

Sydney, Australia: Students from the Penny Wong Memorial Primary School marched in the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras today for the 10th year running. A contingent of lesbian bikers, dressed as Amazon warriors each carried a female student were led off by class teacher Ze. Clapper. Male identifying students riding the bondage float, were a sight to behold.

San Francisco, California, US: The inaugural Gender Mirror Day was a huge success in the city. Everyone from the Mayor down is encouraged to experiment with an alternative sexuality or gender for a 24 hour period. Celebrations were kicked off by the Mayor of Palo Alto who identified as androgynous for the day, “Today we all get a chance to see how our own identity appears to others and just how fluid gender and sexuality naturally is.”

London, UK: Queen Charles today gave royal assent to controversial new laws against the “distribution of monosexual propaganda to minors”. The bill outlaws information or symbols which promote exclusively heterosexual practice to minors. Thousands of transsexual activists gathered to celebrate around Nelsons Column, long seen as a disguised, and offensive, phallic heterosexual symbol. “If Charles can remove his column, then so can Nelson”, enthused a reveler.

New York, New York, US: Celebrations of Columbus Day this year placed special emphasis the contributions of the GLBTQXA community to the voyage. The Mayor’s speech quoted the new academic orthodoxy that “As many as one in three among Columbus crew were gay or transgender, it is also likely he brought along a few gender queer navigators because of their special skills.”

The sad truth is that these examples are probably hopelessly unimaginative and the true situation in 2044 will be more bizarre and dysfunctional still. Hang on to your hats, and your pants we are in for a wild ride.


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