6 Simple Habits That Make Donald Trump Successful


Donald Trump has certainly been in the news lately. The man appears to lead a charmed life. He has managed to be successful in business and then in the media. He enjoys the company of supermodel quality girls decades younger than him and has promising children too. Now he seems to be performing well in politics under difficult conditions, and may be in the running for being the most powerful man in the world. Continue reading


5 Things John Lennon Should Have Imagined About A World With Virtual Reality


It appears that 2016 will be the year that virtual reality (VR) will start to matter in the mainstream. Both Sony PlayStationVR and the much talked about Occulus Rift headsets are planned to be unleashed on the consumer market in the first half of the year. It remains to be seen how much actual content there will be initially, but once the hardware is released we can expect it to flow more and more rapidly. Continue reading

10 Things You Must Teach Your Future Daughter


Once a man can see and deal with the bad side of modern girls himself, the next question is obvious. How does he prevent or limit the infestation in his own family? How does he produce the better kind of daughters that are now so tragically rare?

The first thing to realize is that remaining silent and hoping things will work out is really just surrender. Perhaps there was a time in the past when most of the messages your daughter received in the outside world would have been positive and things might have worked themselves out. That is certainly not true today. Continue reading

8 Reasons It Doesn’t Get Better For Homosexual Men


For those who are not keeping up with the full range of leftist lies, the It Gets Better Project exists to promote homosexual and other deviant sexual behavior. It focuses on spinning the outright lie to children that some kind of rosy future awaits if they decide to reject a clean, healthy, and functional, girl-chasing sex life in favor of other sexual paths. Continue reading

5 Questions To Identify Who Really Rules Over You


In a perfect world there would be no favored groups. Each man would be treated as he deserves based on his ability. Anyone demanding special treatment based on some kind of group identity would simply find that rules and standards are impartial and fair to all.

Of course, we don’t live in a perfect world. Often membership of an identity group confers systematic preferences either explicitly or in practice, as if just by accident or by chance. Of course, these things are not just accidental, they occur because of differing political power or sentiment. They occur because that group is in some sense a ruling group.

Continue reading

Why Able Men Should Cheer Every Job Eliminated By Technology


It is common to hear in the media or in casual conversation stories about jobs being eliminated or destroyed by technology. This process is almost always seen in a negative light, as a destructive or tragic thing to happen to the country and its people. Instead the sensible response is to cheer every such announcement. Every time this happens, it is a sign of growing prosperity and economic advancement. Continue reading